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This Week's Pick: Listen to your children!

Olivia and Justine give us:

 Beat on the Brat

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Red Room Tunes
is original and organic* music from a variety of sources and contributors. Some of them inspired by getting lost in various ways on the planet at various times and some of them conjured while wishing to be wandering, but all wafted through the Red Room at one time. There is so much great material that grows when people of easy intent express and share.

Here's the deal: send your contribution in mp3 format, include an image, we'll make a page and host your stuff on the web. No catch, just having fun.

*no constricting, fabricated or forced corporate control or sponsorship, ah, er, just people loving and sharing  music


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and watch your head!

The original art in the background came from a ca. 1920 sheet music that lay dormant for 70 years in a piano bench in the Heffron home in Troy, NY. “Rio Rita” was a Ziegfield production featuring many, I am sure, wonderful but lost tunes and a cast of 1000(!). We'll never know what they sounded like, but the flappers were agog.