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The Rochesterfield Kings have played in well over four venues in exotic locales such as Arlington (several times), Arlington, inner Arlington and Vienna. Five music lovers that, at one time or another, spent hours, days or years on Rochester Street, mainly talking about music and beer—but mostly about beer. Never five to discriminate based on ability or talent, they recorded this cover album in November 2000, when the world was innocent and clarity closer. Had a ball and swore to each other they will repeat having this ball. Check back soon for the compendium of originals that should be forth—or fifth—coming.

The RF Kings played, had and have fun with:

  • Scott: Guitar, Vox
  • Sandy: Guitar, Vox, Drums, Pedal Steel
  • Liv: Vox, Drums
  • Mark: Bass, Vox, Bud, Producer
  • Mike: Guitar, Vox
  • Wayne “Road Dog”: Vox, Program Enhancement
  • Sam: Guitar
  • Leila: Vox, Original Compositions
  • “Special” Ed: Sax
  • April, Olivia and Justine: Visual Enhancement, Guitar
  • The Doo-Doo-Doo Girls
  • Cast of Dozens: Vox, Enthusiasm


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