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  Rubber Molding

What can you say about Rubber Molding when there's nothing left to say? Just shut up and listen, then:





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Rubber Molding is a band/production company that specializes in the creation of artsy movies--artsy songs. How did this happen? It all began on a stormy October night, when Mrs. Mueller decided to bring a few willing boys to see a show in the West Village, NYC. The show: Cookin'! The experience: Unforgettable!

On the train ride home.. sparks flew; the train nearly left the track. Them three composed an entire album...and even had time to create their critically acclaimed artsy movie, entitled, "Artsy Movie"..(the title reeks of the artsy-ness)...Driven by a love for the human body and the adorable Katie O'Neill, Rubber Molding will sweep you off your feet with piercing melodies, and overwhelmingly artsy commentary on stuff. having said that, we are proud to present you with a few of our songs, which will soon appear on a full length artsy cd release. We hope you enjoy this foreshadowing of many artful composures to come.

Viva la fight club.