Cool Spot in Maryland

So I was taking a drive in rural Maryland looking at properties and my colleagues mentioned that there was a place "with your kind of car." We stop and lo and behold there's a great shop with a multitude of vintage MBs. The proprietor is, obviously, an aficionado and has more heritage than I've seen collected in one place. Parts, pieces and memories for sale.

Contact:: Alan Whelihan at 301 874-5464; Fax: 301 874-2228. Email:

Alan was involved in an earlier Ponton fan club...anyone get the "Ponton Courier?"

More than I could take pictures of. A surprise at every turn.

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A Passel of Pontons

Daimler (Year?)


Beauty of a 250

Cab Ouch!


Cab needs a little love


Cab off to Poland for Restoration. Believe it!

Cab Right Side


47 Lincoln. Nice

Cab Interior

Jag on Jack



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