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Groove to the music, but don't get freaky! Check this out.

The Boyageurs: An account of highjinx in the North Woods

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Nocturnal recordings mostly. Some works in progress as all art is never finished; it is only abandoned.

All organic music; no loop tracks used and no animals were harmed during production.

All Works ©2004/2005 Mike Violette, except where noted. Down Lawyers! Down!


Muse was the first experiment and is somewhat autobiographical. Maybe not too much revealed. Art should focus on the experience of interpretation.

Most of the songs were “first pass,” so there are any number of boogers, but, hey, you gotta start somewhere.

Mostly, though, I love the cover art, which is borrowed from the Ziegfield production of "Rio Rita," a great spectacle of a show that is all about the great grand vision of big entertainment.

Rita was also the name of my great Aunt, who saw much work and toil in her life and never lost her sharp wit and humor and she loved beer.

Beat O' My Heart

These tunes have various sources of inspiration. “Kinkajou” was the title of a tune from “Rio Rita,” featured left. It turns out that a kinkajou is a real thing (thanks to the Left Coast) see National Geographic Article. Other bits (King’s Rumour) include a nod to the 18th C. French spycraft in the Smithsonia Article. Great read. “Minute for Mike U” whose own tunes feature soaring solos inspired this minute of mayhem, reminiscent, as Mike says, of late 60s Cream. Old fingers can sometimes be coaxed to rock.

Chalk and Cheeze is the theme song from a yet-to-be-debuted ribald Kathy and Regis-style talk show (c’mon girls, get going, already).

But I think the best songs aren’t love songs. Party On with Everybody Jump-In a B-52s/Clash-like diddy.

The cover from another buried treasure sheet music.

Fallen Trees and Flowers

*A complete kit for a Saturnalia Winter Solstice fun can be found here.

The image is from the top of the Blue Ridge during a Spring walk down from the mountain.

A tremendous wind pummeled the oldest trees, knocking them thither and yon. The flowers emerged bright like new snow and covered the tired wood with new life.   So it goes.

Late Summer


Lady Titans Soundtrack

So this friend of Liv's Jason is working on a documentary about the TC Williams High School Girls Crew team, Title IX, their coach and their long successful and winning association.

Being slightly addled during a conversation about same, I agreed to sketch out a few instrumentals for this endeavor. Les voila.

For a short trailer of this work, go here:

Lady Titans

and another:

Love Engineering



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